Training is a vital part of every profession. Every day we continue to learn, develop and enhance our skills. As technology continues to evolve the importance of training has never been more relevant. Yet training can be a challenge for organizations to manage and deploy. Scheduling conflicts, cost of materials, or trainers, relevancy of content, and even the upkeep of a training facility all play a factor in the coordination and delivery of effective training.

With these requirements in mind VisionAIR released its online learning management system, VisionLMS. Through VisionLMS organizations have access to over 400 web based training courses and webcasts focused on the VisionAIR Public Safety Suite as well as third party applications such as the Microsoft Office suite.

VisionLMS offers more than just an online training tool. VisionLMS also serves as a complete training management system. If desired, organizations may develop and upload their own content, curriculums and tests directly into VisionLMS. Robust reports provide command staff or training coordinators the ability to view progress reports, recent certifications, or up-coming training events.

Reduce the burden of training within your organization

As an online service, VisionLMS allows agencies to reduce training costs as well as eliminate scheduling conflicts among personnel.

Training Delivered Just In Time

Training courses are managed and delivered from one central location within VisionLMS. This helps ensure each user receives consistent and up-to-date training each and every time they log into VisionLMS. Moreover, since VisionLMS is online, users may access the training when and where they want and complete it at their own pace.

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