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Thank you for supporting the VisionAIR Public Safety Suite® of software for your community!

FAQs from Client Services
Technical Support

The Frequently Asked Questions of our Client Services Technical Support cover the following topics:
  • VisionCAD: Spell check dictionary customization and auto correct options
  • VisionCAD: CAD paging
  • VisionRMS: Master Name – Using a 2-digit year for a Date of Birth (DOB) search
  • VisionRMS: Expungement
  • VisionMOBILE: 3.6 Auto Update Configuration
The FAQs are posted in the Announcements section of the
CSC Portal.

TriTech Software Systems Announces Acquisition of Leading Public Safety Solution Provider, VisionAIR Inc.

TriTech Software Systems, a leading provider of Public Safety and Medical Transportation software solutions, today announced its acquisition of VisionAIR, a privately held company that specializes in providing mission-critical Computer-Aided Dispatch, Law and Fire-EMS Records Management, Mobile, Jail Management, Civil Processing and multi-agency data sharing solutions to public safety agencies primarily for the mid-tier market.

The partnership strengthens TriTech’s market share leadership by adding more than 500 VisionAIR clients to the TriTech family, bringing the total of agencies served to more than 2,500 agencies worldwide. With expanded presence and more than 300 employees dedicated to public safety, both companies can leverage their leadership, resources, and capabilities to support the increasing demands placed on public safety services through consolidation, regionalization, information sharing, limited budgets, and the convergence of technology.

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Technology Refresh

Microsoft system requirements, such as Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, and Windows SQL Server 2008 present powerful solutions. Technology refresh decisions require an investment of time and money, so be sure to include these items in budget plans.

Product Release Upgrades

VisionAIR introduced new capabilities and enhancements with the launch of the 2011 Public Safety Suite, including major releases of VisionCAD 3.6, VisionRMS 4.3, and VisionMOBILE 3.6.  The latest information and updates may be found on the CSC Portal for:

•  What’s New PowerPoint/Webcast on each product page.
•  Updates on supported Microsoft® software versions.
•  VisionAIR cross product compatibility.
•  Third-party partner software compatibility.

Questions about upgrading?  Please contact your Account Manager.  To verify your Account Manager, email Sales.

Product Updates

For those of you who have gone through the process of "upgrading" to a VisionCAD 3.6 or VisionRMS 4.3, now it's time to make sure you stay current with the latest "updates".  These include:

•  VisionCAD 3.6, update 3.
•  VisionMOBILE 3.6, update 5.
•  VisonRMS 4.3, update 6.

Employee Profile: Theresa "TC" Thomas

TC Thomas

 Many of us have come to know VisionAIR over the past 5, 10, even 15 years.  There are only a small handful of people who have been closely associated with VisionAIR for the past 22 years…since 1989…since the 1st Annual Users’ Conference…since the very beginning.

While Theresa Thomas—better known as TC—has been employed by VisionAIR for the past 17 years, she was also a client for 5 years prior.  She is the only person who has participated in all 22 VisionAIR Annual Users’ Conferences!

Currently, and for the past two years, she has been a Sr. Sales Engineer with product specialties in VisionRMS, VisionJAIL, VisionFBR, and VisionINFORM.  Travelling typically six to eight weeks in a row, she focuses on providing product demonstrations and conducting workflows to both prospective as well as existing clients.  Additionally, she works on responding to technical specifications in request for proposals.

TC has had many roles over the years with VisionAIR in Client Services, Training, Product Management, and Business Development.  She has been truly dedicated to each and every one of her roles as well as our clients.

For the past 23 years, TC has been a Sheriff’s Deputy.  She has also served as Correction Officer, Patrol Officer, Investigator, and Records Clerk.  She has a Criminal Justice degree as well as Basic Law Enforcement Education Training and Certification and re-certification on legal issues each year.  TC is a member of AJA and ACA and holds the following certifications:

•  NC Jail Officers Certification
•  Advanced LEO Certificate
•  Interview and Interrogation Certificate
•  NCIC Certified
•  Firearms Qualification Certificates

“I enjoy coming to work each day because we make a difference with what we do in people’s lives across the United States,” said TC.  “I really enjoy my team and the company I work for; they have always supported me professionally and personally.  I especially love the VisionAIR clients; they are like family and friends to me. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to make a small difference in your lives.”

If you have any suggestions or information you would like included in the next issue please email Andrea Heppe.


November 2011

In This Issue
FAQs from Client Services 
TriTech Acquires VisionAIR
Technology Refresh
Product Release Upgrades
Product Updates
Employee Profile
And more!

Seasons Greetings!

With the holidays upon us, VisionAIR wishes each and every one of you the best throughout the holiday season and the new year. We understand this is a busy time for your agencies.

Our Client Services Support Technicians are here to provide you assistance if needed.

Safe Travels & Happy Holidays!

Join Us!

Hawaii Fire Chiefs  December 8-10

Free Training Webinars

Below is a schedule of the free webinar training offered by VisionAIR.

Classes will run for one to two hours; if we finish early, the remainder of the time can be used as a Q&A session on the training topic.

Attendees must register at least one week prior to the training date posted. To register, please contact your Account Manager.  To verify your Account Manager, email Sales.

Thursday, November 17th
10:00 AM EST – VisionJAIL
2:00 PM EST – VisionINFORM

Tuesday, December 6th
10:30 AM EST – VisionRMS: Evidence
2:00 PM EST – Master Indices and Search Techniques

Thursday, December 8th
10:00 AM EST – From Shazam to Crystal Reports
2:00 PM EST – VisionRMS: Intelligence

More Details on CSC Portal

Client Satisfaction Survey - iPad2 Winner

Thank you to all of you who took a few minutes to respond to our recent Client Satisfaction Survey. Congratulations to Stacy Hopke, System Administrator for the Burnett County Sheriff's Office (WI).

Users' Conference

The 22nd Annual Users' Conference was a resounding success!  With over 300 attendees, we had the 2nd highest attendance in over 10 years!

We plan to have 2012 information available before the end of the year.  Be sure to include it in your budget.

Expanding the VisionAIR Family

A warm welcome to the newest VisionAIR clients:

Hendersonville Fire Dept, NC
Kauai County, HI
Knoxville PD, TN
Lac Courte Oreilles, WI
Lansing Police Department, MI
Washington Township PD, PA

If you hear about any other agencies looking to replace their public safety system in the next few years, email Sales. If they sign a contract with us, you will be nicely rewarded!

Recognitions &
New Hires

Welcome to
Jane Soderberg, Account Manager on the Business Development team.

Sam Begley, Finance Intern.

Terry Johnson, Software Developer on the VisionCAD team.

Paul Martin, Data Analyst on the R&D team.

Rose Davis, Software Developer on the VisionRMS team.

Steve Covington, Product Test Engineer on the VisionRMS team.

Hogan Hagy, Software Developer on the VisionRMS team.

Dennis Nepini, Technical Analyst on the Client Services team.

Dave Stewart, Project Manager.

John Kitsmiller, Regional Sales Manager (TX)on the Business Development team.

If you would like to share any employee or client recognitions or new hires, please email Andrea Heppe.

You are receiving this email because you are either a VisionAIR client or expressed interest in VisionAIR.

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